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AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ is a luxury supercharged facial revolutionary micro injector device which features an array of twenty microchannels. It painlessly and effectively delivers solution via 24-carat gold plated surgical grade stainless steel needles, thinner than a human hair!

Twenty hollow spiral micro-channels create tiny punctures into the skin, allowing for the efficient delivery of small droplets of treatment directly to the dermis; it provides rapid treatment for intradermal treatments around the perioral, forehead, periocular, décolleté and many other areas. AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ is an effective device which promotes cell stimulation, customised treatments and overall skin rejuvenation.

Ingredients may include hyaluronic acid, vitamins, stem cells, antioxidants, toxins (micro botox), platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and peptides which are delivered into the skin as the device creates 1000’s of micro-infusion sites.

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Target fine lines and wrinkles, smooths crow’s feet, refines pores, target pigmentation, acne scarring, dryness, tone, texture, boost hydration and luminosity for a glow that lasts up to 4 weeks.

• Smooth your skin with dermal micro-hyaluronic gel such
• Reduce pores, redness and oil production with micro-Botox
• Improve superficial acne scarring with micro-hyaluronic gels
• Enhance laser treatments with micro-serums containing growth factors
• Brighten skin with micro-pigment reducers

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What conditions can AQUAGOLD FINE TOUCH treat?

Dependent on the ingredients your clinicians chooses the Aquagold fine touch can address:
•Acne & Scarring (not active acne)
•Fine Lines & Wrinkles
•Enlarged Pores & Excess Sebum
•Redness & Flushing
•Brightens and Lightens
•Clarifies & Refine
•Hydrates & Rejuvenates
•Skin elasticity
•Hair Loss

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What areas can AQUAGOLD FINE TOUCH treat?

Full face, neck, around the eyes, eye lids and up to the lash line, on and around the lips, back of hands and décolleté.

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Why is AQUAGOLD FINE TOUCH better than other needle treatments?

The purpose of AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ is to micro channel and deliver treatments directly to the skin. The purpose of other common micro needle devices is to puncture the skin for stimulation. Your skin is a super tough barrier whose job is to keep things out. Other needling techniques such as derma rollers create micro holes to which you then apply your serums, but because your skin is so efficient these holes have begun to heel before you can add your topical creams…. Aquagold fine touch however delivers the ingredients into the skin as the micro-holes are created and before the skin begins to close and heal.

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When should I have AQUAGOLD FINE TOUCH?

This can be part of your monthly skin care routine or as a pre-event skin prep - 1 week to a couple of days before the event.

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How often should I have AQUAGOLD FINE TOUCH?

As often as every 4 weeks or as and when you want a skin boost!

Your progress will be tracked, and we will tweak your treatment plan to help ensure the best results for you!

Results may vary and are different for each individual.



What are the ingredients of AQUAGOLD® fine touch™?

AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ ingredients may include hyaluronic acid, vitamins, stem cells, antioxidants, toxins (micro botox), platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and peptides which are delivered into the skin as the device creates 1000’s of micro-infusion sites.

Why are the AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ needles gold-plated stainless steel?

The surgical grade stainless steel provides the structural integrity of the micro-needle. Pure gold has high biocompatibility with human skin, preventing irritation and allergic responses after use. Impurities and other metals may result in unnecessary irritation.

Does the treatment have any downtime?

Some people may experience mild redness for a few minutes to an hour.

After the procedure, are there any special precautions?

We do recommend the following post treatment guidelines for the best results.

  • Avoid washing your face the day of treatment

  • Avoid putting makeup on after treatment,

  • Avoid direct sun exposure immediately after treatment.

  • Use good quality non-comedogenic sunscreen if going in the sun

  • Avoid swimming, saunas and steam rooms